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Tips to buy Used Trucks Online From Japan

Buying used trucks from Japan can be a very profitable idea for any person from any country of the world. Japanese trucks are well known for their performance, quality of material used, durability and comfort. Thus buying a used truck from Japan has added advantages like buyer has to pay very low price for almost [...]

Japan’s Shipping Industry

Japan’s shipping industry witnessed a big boom in the year 2003-04. According to consolidated financial results announced for the year ending March 2004, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” Line) posted record net profits, and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line), the largest shipping company in Japan, made substantial gains of [...]

How to Import Used Car into Philippines

Philippines is the 46th largest economy in the world, with an estimated 2010 gross domestic product (nominal) of $189 billion. Primary exports include semiconductors and electronic products, transport equipment, garments, copper products, petroleum products, coconut oil, and fruits. Major trading partners include the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany, [...]


Kenya is a country in East Africa that lies on the equator, with the Indian Ocean to its south-east. It is bordered by Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east. Kenya’s economic prospects are positive with 4-5% GDP growth expected, [...]

Buying Used Parts Made Easy from Japan

All machines, automobiles are made of 100′s of different parts, accessories. These parts are designed to work for long time without need to change or repair. All things have a life and change is required. Problem with any small part and the car is out of use. Parts for new models can be found anywhere [...]

Toyota Tacoma Best- selling Pickup

Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation since 1995. The Tacoma was a compact pickup until a model redesign in 2005. The 2.4 L and 3.4 L engines were available in this vehicle depending on options. Automatic and manual transmissions were available. The new redesigned Tacoma was Motor Trend Magazine’s [...]

Manual cars more popular than Automatic cars

Manual Cars Manual Transmission Cars are cars with a driver-operated clutch and a movable gear stick. Most automobile manual transmissions allow the driver to select any forward gear ratio at any time. The earliest form of a manual transmission is thought to have been invented by Louis-René Panhard and Emile Levassor in the late 19th [...]

Japanese used Car Exporters benefits From Myanmar’s Import Policy.

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country that has been under military rule in one form or another since 1962. Now after attaining democracy the leaders are planning to help the nation to grow fast and smoothly catch up with other free nations. Myanmar government’s policies to enhance the economy and infrastructure for more growth and [...]

2012 Honda Freed Hybrids on Sale in Japan

Honda is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Honda was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand, Acura, in 1986. Aside from their core automobile and motorcycle businesses, Honda also manufactures garden equipment, marine engines, personal watercraft and power generators, amongst others. Since 1986, Honda has been involved with [...]

Toyota introduces 2012 Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota introduced 2012 Prius Plug-in hybrid car at the Green Drive Expo in Richmond, CA, as the newest member of the expanding Prius Family. Prius Plug-in features a 4.4 kWh Li-ion pack enabling an electric range of up to 24 km at speeds of up to 62 mph (100 km/h), according to Toyota. Engine with [...]